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Parathyroid hormone may help battle osteoporosis

Doctors control spread of antibiotic-resistant bug

Healthier cattle feed benefits animals and people

Younger than 55? Alcohol risks outweigh benefits

Women have poorer body image than men

Finding disease genes may not be so difficult

Drug users need regular medical, drug abuse care

Study links child's depression with later obesity

RAND: US faces healthcare 'quality deficit'

Exercise keeps women's minds in shape

final update May 10, 2001
this site is no longer updated


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This site is a snapshot of work that over a dozen people helped to create. It was shocking when -- as we knew it anyway -- vanished from the ether of the Internet in a matter of hours. As many lessons from the dot-com era, it was abitter pill. And so I created this archive of our work to make sure that we had some record of our work and effort.

Every page at was built in XML, then pushed through a Frontier CMS and bubbled up onto the web in a JHTML format. Rx.magazine was just one part of a dot-com pharmacy -- complete with a prescription products, nonprescription products, medical reference desk and on-staff pharmacists.

You can see what looked like at the time thanks to the Internet Archives here.

Many thanks to the many freelance writers and illustrators who helped Rx.magazine be the resource it was/is.