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Parathyroid hormone may help battle osteoporosis

Doctors control spread of antibiotic-resistant bug

Healthier cattle feed benefits animals and people

Younger than 55? Alcohol risks outweigh benefits

Women have poorer body image than men

Finding disease genes may not be so difficult

Drug users need regular medical, drug abuse care

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RAND: US faces healthcare 'quality deficit'

Exercise keeps women's minds in shape

final update May 10, 2001
The Conversation of Birds
A bedside account of one woman's passing and the loved ones who showed her the way -- with birdsong.

Frankie is slipping away. She has never fully recovered from her surgery for gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Weakened by emphysema, cancer now races through her body, and the hospice nurses, when pressed, say they do not expect her to live more than a few more days. Like consumed lovers, we enter a world isolated from external time and context, and in which she has become the center of our small, unblinking universe. Through life, birds have taught Frankie the beauty of stillness and the virtue of becoming invisible, and as she faced death, she passed these lessons on to us. We are like birders watching a rare species disappear. Read on in Real Life

Waiting for the Promised Miracle
A permanent cure for insulin-dependent diabetes? Maybe so. As researchers perfect the transplant of the pancreas' fragile islet cells, more and more diabetics can hope for a life free of insulin injections. Read on in Public Health

Inching Toward Weight Loss
Every day, millions of people try to lose weight or to avoid gaining it. Even so, Americans are losing the battle of the bulge and increasing their health risks. But a healthy weight can be simple to attain -- nutritionist Elaine Gavalas shares the way to shed pounds wisely. Read on in Living Well

Striking a Balance
If you think you have to choose between alternative and conventional health care paths, think again. Registered pharmacist Christopher Turf explains how "integrative medicine" combines the best of both worlds. Read on in Alternative Health

Cancer: Heredity, Not Destiny
Recent discoveries about "cancer genes" may be promoting a fatalistic attitude about cancer: You've either got cancer-causing gene and're doomed, or don't have it in the clear. recent study dispels this myth, concluding that lifestyle choices are overwhelming factor development -- prevention. Read on in Living Well

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity: What's the Connection?
The incidence of type 2 diabetes continues to rise, and a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition, which can result in obesity, may be the culprits. Although a newly discovered hormone may one day be the key to new remedies for the disease, a healthy lifestyle is still the best preventative measure -- and treatment -- for type 2 diabetes. Read on in Living Well

Almost every time I lie down to sleep my throat begins to itch and I get a little congested which leads to coughing. My throat is not at all sore and I have no signs of a cold. This has been going on for several weeks now. Is there any apparent reason for this condition and is there anything I can do about it?

You may be experiencing nasal drainage due to allergies, which can lead to an irritated throat and then coughing. You might try taking a nonprescription antihistamine like Tavist®, Benadryl
®, or chlorpheniramine for a week or so to see if the medicine dries up the nasal drainage and helps relieve your symptoms. Please be sure to read and follow the directions on the label of the medication you choose. If, after a week or so, these symptoms do not improve, please contact your doctor for further evaluation.